a little about me and how I can help you!

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So, I often wonder what you want to know about me. The things that I think are important may not be important to you.


Here is what is important to me: I’m a mama. I’m building a life with a man I love on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I’m a feminist. I keep my friends a long time. I love my work.


That’s probably not what you want to know but what the hell… I typed it so there it is.


What you probably want to know is how I can help you. I think that’s important too.


I share the value of my 25 years of experience as a coach with my clients. In addition to coaching, I’ve been an agent, casting director, writer, director, and producer.  I share that experience too.


One of my first coaching clients booked a supporting role in an Oscar-winning film called “Almost Famous.” The film’s great. You should check it out. My student’s name is Terry Chen, he played Ben Fong Torres and he’s a great person as well as an excellent actor.


After that happened I decided I was pretty good at coaching, I liked it a lot, so why not keep it up.


When we work together you get access to all my connections as I think you need them.


You also have access to my instinct, my unusual approach that brings a unique perspective to the work, and my total dedication.


There is a big IF with this.


IF you give your all so do I. If you don’t I discontinue coaching until you’re ready. If we don’t mix I help you find a different coach who can help you.


I also help you find your own specific path to success. No one has the same route but there are similar elements to every journey and I have been down this road enough times that I know where to go, how to get there and how to avoid the pitfalls.


Also, some people have a harder time for various reasons. Age, sex, race, and even height can be an issue. I find the workaround. If you give your all I do too.


To quote my one of my favorite songs, “the difficult, I’ll do right now. The impossible will take a little while.”



Online via zoom, skype, messenger, whatever works for you. I prefer zoom though.



You may wonder why I do this. LOVE. Love is one answer.


It sure wasn’t love to start with. Initially, it was fear.


When I finished acting school I discovered I was too shy to act. I didn’t like auditions. I’m fairly introverted and I like to live in the country with my dogs, cats, 100 plus chickens, and my family.


Thank god I can coach online in the middle of nowhere. I don’t do glamour well.


However, I LOVE actors and I am very interested in what makes people tick. The stories we tell on screen are all about what makes people tick. I LOVE it. It's very challenging and I love challenges.


This terrible business has been very good to me (to quote Norman Jewison). I have helped many actors beat the odds.


In 2018 80% of my clients worked. In an industry where 1% of actors get employment that felt good.

The thing I love most though is the actor's faces when they tell me they booked. Even as I type this I am getting a little misty. Seeing someone live their dream is an incredible dream for me.


Being able to help them do it… words fail me.


It’s just so damn beautiful.